Accident recovery & restoration

After the accident simply give us a call and we’ll come out to tow your car away to our crash repair workshop. Then we will drop you off at home or your office or you can take one of our rental cars to get back on the road.

After we have helped you back on your way, we will assess the damage on your car and let you know the costs and timeframe involved in repairing it. For a small crash repair job this might only be one or two days. If it was a big crash we may have to wait for new parts to arrive which can extend the repair time up to two weeks. We’ll be able to give you an accurate assessment of the timeframe for the repair as soon as we have assessed the car.

Insurance forms prepared

Understanding and properly filling out your insurance paperwork to claim the expenses can be quite a hassle. However at K&W Panel Beaters we help our clients fill out their forms on a daily basis to make the process smoother. Ken and his smash repair team understand that having an accident can be painful enough, nobody wants the added pain of complex paper work and waiting for the reimbursement from the insurance.

Professional job, every time

We believe in doing a quality job on your car. We aim to repair your car in such a way that nobody will suspect you have ever had a crash. We use quality materials, prep the bodywork properly and take our time to match the colours to perfection. Because in K&W Panel Beaters, quality comes first.