What are your car maintenance essentials?

As any mechanic or anyone who has ever had to spend a considerable amount getting their car fixed will tell you, regular preventative maintenance is the single most important thing you can do. It saves you money in the long run and keeps your car running smoothly, making sure that you don’t get caught out or broken down somewhere miles from a garage. However, it’s sometimes difficult to know what exactly constitutes preventative maintenance so we got some advice from expert panel beaters in Perth on basic tips for any vehicle.

  1. Read Your Car Manual

Most people don’t read their car manual, but it’s vital that you do. Don’t listen to other peoples’ advice on when you should service the car or change the oil – your manufacturer has the correct information inside this crucial little book. It also provides your maintenance schedule and what type of oil your particular model needs so that you don’t cause any unnecessary damage.

  1. Check Your Fluids, Not Just The Oil

Although you don’t need to know how to change the fluids in your car, you should check them regularly. Most tanks you can see into, but some have dipsticks to check optimal levels. Coolant, transmission fluid and antifreeze are all under your hood so even if the manual doesn’t say much about them, lift it up and have a look for them yourself. These things are inexpensive to change but if you don’t do it regularly it can cause damage your car in the long run. Also, don’t ignore any leaks as this can be very dangerous.

  1. Check Your Tyres Regularly

It’s easy to forget that you’re not just keeping your tyres inflated so that you don’t get a flat. Your car needs more fuel if your tyres aren’t inflated correctly so you’ll spend even more on fuel. Also make sure that they are balanced and rotated frequently and your tyres will last longer. Also check the thread isn’t wearing thin, you should be able to insert a penny into the ridges. Alignment is another vital component, if your car is leaning in one direction or the other; it’s an easily corrected problem. This is as much about safety as it is about saving money.


  1. Establish That Your Brakes Are Working Correctly

Proper brake pad maintenance is fundamental to ensure the long life of your car. They can be very expensive to replace but not replacing them can cause far worse issues, such as wearing you’re your rotators, which are considerably most costly to replace. If you’re driving a lot on Perth freeways during rush hour, your brakes can wear out faster, so if you’re feeling any vibration or hear any noises, get them checked.

  1. Replace Your Wipers

Many people just ignore their wipers until they need a bigger job done but they should be paid more attention. They are essential for visibility but cheap and easy to replace so get good quality blades and replace them around every six months.

Keep all these things in check so that your vehicle is safe and easy to drive, but if you do end up with a situation caused by wear and tear, K&W Panel Beaters will be happy to help. For expert bumper repairs in Perth, trust K&W Panel Beaters – visit our to discover our range of professional automotive services. Alternatively, call us now on 0408 927 165 for expert help anywhere in the Perth area.