Keep Your Car Shining With These Simple Exterior Car Care Tips

Nothing makes as good a first impression as pulling up in a car that looks as sleek, shiny and well-maintained as the day you drove her out of the lot. Of course, with the demands of daily driving, keeping your vehicle in premium condition is often easier said than done – if you don’t know what you’re doing, that is. If you ever require more professional repairs such as panel beating then get in touch with your local company.

Luckily, we do! Keep your car shining for years to come with these five simple tips:

  1. Wash every two weeks

The most important part of maintaining your car’s appearance is regular washing. Every time you take your car out, you’re exposing her to contaminants such as smoke, chemicals, dirt and grime, all of which can contribute to your vehicle’s paint becoming faded or discoloured.

Thankfully, regular washing can combat the effects of these pollutants and help you retain your car’s shine. Aim to wash your car about once every two weeks using a quality, purpose-made car wash solution. Alternatively, save yourself the time and take your vehicle in for a professional car wash service.

  1. Wax every six months

To add extra sparkle to your car, you’ll also want to give it the occasional waxing. In addition to keeping your vehicle looking great, wax has the added benefits of protecting your paint against airborne contaminants, harsh weather conditions and minor scratches.

Best of all? You only have to do it a couple times a year. Just throw some water onto your car bonnet and watch how the liquid runs off – if it doesn’t form nicely shaped beads, then it’s time for a waxing.

  1. Keep her covered

As noted, the main sources of paint damage are things beyond your influence. While you can’t control the conditions your vehicle is exposed to while driving, you can keep your car protected when it’s not in use. A quality car cover serves to safeguard your vehicle against harmful UV rays, dirt, mud, salt, harsh weather conditions and just about anything else you can think of.

  1. Remember the undercarriage

It’s all too easy to forget about the undercarriage, but keeping this part of your car regularly maintained can do wonders for preserving your vehicle’s exterior. Every few months, examine the undercarriage for signs of rust and use a hose and/or cloth to remove dirt from all those hard-to-reach places.

  1. Get her detailed

A professional detailing can revitalise your car’s exterior condition in a way that simply isn’t possible for most people to achieve at home. A good detailing might involve removing chips and scratches in the paintwork, repainting any faded or damaged spots and generally working out any visual imperfections. Keep your car in top-notch condition and maintain its value by taking her in for a professional detailing about once every 18 months.

Does your vehicle need some work done to it before it’s ready for a good wash and wax? Whether you’re looking for a car paint service or dent repair service in Perth, we can work our magic to get your car looking beautiful again. Contact K&W Panel Beaters today for a free quote.