The Importance of Having Your Bumpers Repaired as Soon as Possible

The Importance of Having Your Bumpers Repaired as Soon as Possible

Even if you’ve been involved in only a minor collision, it is extremely important to have your bumpers repaired as soon as you can. It is best not to continue driving your vehicle with damage to some of the bumpers, for the simple reason that it is those bumpers that could help save your life one day.

For this reason, it is vital you get your bumpers repaired as soon as possible after any collision. It is the law in Australia that all newer vehicles must be fitted with bumpers, and so if your bumper is significantly damaged, you may be pulled over by the police and fined.

Furthermore, a damaged bumper may not pass the rego, and also will affect your insurance. Therefore, it really makes sense to get your damaged bumper repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Remember, bumpers are fitted for your own safety, so it only makes sense to have fully intact bumpers at all times.

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Here are our top reasons why it is crucial to get your bumper repaired immediately, after even the smallest sign of damage:

  1. Insurance

Even if you’ve just been in an accident and you’re not at fault, with damaged bumpers your insurance company will not cover any physical damage to your vehicle the next time you have an accident, whether you’re at fault or not. Unless you repair your damaged bumpers, your insurance company may drop damage coverage for your vehicle.

Something else the insurance company may do is only pay out part of the claim, covering only new damage, if the old damage had not been repaired. It makes the most sense to repair any existing damage as soon as it occurs, rather than run the risk of the same area being damaged again in the future, potentially worsening any further damage that may arise.

Even though the damage to your bumper may seem small, unless it is repaired now it could cause worse damage in a future accident. The next time your car is involved in an accident it may debilitate your vehicle enough to make it not roadworthy because it wasn’t protected properly. It is much wiser to pay less now – fix the bumper at a fair price – rather than risk the possibility of more expensive repairs later.

At K&W Panel Beaters, we specialize not only in panel beating, but also recognize the importance of bumper repairs and so offer our customers a value-for-money price to have any damaged bumpers repaired.

  1. Potential for Further Damage

A bumper is designed for one purpose: to limit the impact damage to the actual car. They do their job well, but once a bumper is damaged it cannot protect the body of your car as well as it did before. Looking from the outside, any impact to a bumper may seem to be surface damage, but what lies beneath may be more serious in the long term.

It’s hard to see any further damage that a dented bumper may cause to your vehicle, however, there are many complications a broken bumper may cause internally. For example, a cracked bumper may allow water to access the internal structure and cause corrosion. This potentially long-term damage can be defended against only if the bumper is fully restored.

Here at K&W, we are experts in bumper repairs Perth. Most damages are hidden to the human eye, but using the most advanced technology and our expertise we are able to recognize internal damages and then repair them too.

  1. Safety

Bumpers are fitted to cars to make impacts safer. Without them, any collision could be impacting the metal chassis itself. Even if you have the tiniest of collisions that have damaged your bumper, it is vital you get it repaired as soon as possible.

Sometimes the damage will be hidden from view, and that’s why it’s crucial to take your vehicle in for an inspection and repair at the smallest sign of damage. Perhaps you weren’t involved in the accident yourself, and maybe someone collided with your parked vehicle when you weren’t there? In any case, it is extremely important to have fully intact bumpers – front and rear – otherwise they will not be able to protect you the next time an accident occurs.

K&W value our customers, and that’s why we offer a fair price on any bumper and smash repairs. Safety is of the utmost importance. We are also renowned for our expertise in dent repair Perth, ensures your vehicle looks its best, with detailed information available on our website.

  1. The Law

Whilst a damaged bumper may appear to not be that bad from the offset, it could lead to much more serious problems that make your vehicle a danger to yourself and other road users. The surface damage on the bumper may be hiding something worse to the chassis, which will ultimately render your vehicle out of operation. This is the reason why the law states that all newer vehicles must be fitted with a front and rear bumper.

Older vehicles, such as classic cars, can get away with having no bumper, if you can prove that the manufacturer never fitted one. But as such, with all new vehicles, the car-makers must include bumpers at the point of sale. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility as a car-owner to ensure that they are maintained.

If your bumper is deemed to be too damaged to be safe, then the police may issue you a fine, and your vehicle won’t pass inspection for rego. So, even with the smallest amount of damage to your bumper, you shouldn’t delay getting it fixed. We will be easily able to restore your bumper quickly after any collision at K&W Panel Beaters.

  1. Value

You probably don’t want to hold onto your vehicle forever, and at some point, you’ll want to sell it. Every little dink and scratch to your car will make it lose value, and that’s why it pays to get all minor damage repaired as soon as possible. Keep your car like new, and it will be more likely to sell for a higher price.

Not only that, but minor damage can deteriorate and worsen over time, and that’s why it’s important to repair it as soon as possible. It will be much cheaper to catch any small damages earlier on – nip it in the bud – before they grow into something bigger.

Furthermore, if your car displays a visually damaged bumper, this will raise doubts in any buyer’s mind as to what else may lie beneath. There could well be no further damage, but even small damage to your bumper could lead the person to offer less money than your vehicle should be worth.

Getting you bumper repaired as soon as possible is incredibly important if you want to hold the value of your vehicle. Here at K&W, we will not only fix it, but we can also provide documentation that the repairs certify that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy, as we are a licensed collision repairs specialist.

Keeping Your Bumpers up to Standard.

There are several reasons to get your bumper repaired at the first sight of any damage, and all will save you money in the long run. There is no need to wait to receive a fine from the police or not pass your roadworthy inspection and then have to pay more, if you fix the bumper now. The resale value of your car will remain higher if you fix damages to the bumper as they happen, and particularly as this may be masking a more serious problem.

More importantly is your safety. Bumpers are designed to protect you, and protect your vehicle from further damage. A damaged bumper will do neither, and that’s why insurers recognise this and won’t pay out if the bumper is known to have not been repaired. At K&W Panel Beaters, we recognise all these factors and that’s why we believe it is critical to have damages fixed as soon as possible. Also, find us as your go-to body shop Perth for exceptional vehicle body repair services. Contact us now on: 9242-4636 or 0408-927-165 for an instant quote.